When it's time to hang your new roller blinds, it's normal to wonder which way around you should hang them. This is a question we get asked by our customers all the time. We’ve collected some information to help you understand which way round your roller blind should face.

The answer is it depends on whether they have been manufactured with a standard roll or reverse roll, as this will determine which way the face of the fabric should be directed.

Standard Roll

All our roller blinds are manufactured with a standard roll, this is the most popular and efficient method. With the standard roll construction, the roller fabric hangs behind the barrel towards the window pane. The closer the fabric is to the window pane, the more noise and light seepage are reduced as well as the fabric acts as a better insulator. This option fitted within the window recess will be the most effective at achieving these sought-after features. Standard roll is the most requested choice when it comes to roller blinds and is especially popular for blackout blinds in bedrooms.

Reverse Roll

With the reverse roll construction, the face of the roller blind fabric hangs over the front of the barrel, away from the window towards the inside of the room. This could be an option to consider if you have a protruding handle obstructing the roller blind. The disadvantages are there could be a large gap between the blind and window leaving a lot of light seepage.

Important reminder

When it comes to hanging your new roller blind you will want to make sure that the face of the fabric is facing inwards towards the room whether it's a standard roll or reverse roll. The front and back of roller blind fabrics usually vary, especially if it has special features such as blackout or solar reflective backing. So it's important when installing your new roller blinds in the brackets the fabric is the correct way round. To see more detail on how to fit roller blinds check out our guide.

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