Deciding on how to customise your curtains can be daunting with so many styles and features available.

One of the most important options is choosing which header style to choose. The header is how the fabric attaches to the pole or track and deciphers how the curtain hangs.

We thought we'd put this article together for those who are less familiar with curtains and heading styles to understand what an eyelet curtain is and which styles and rooms are best suited.

So what are eyelet curtains?

Eyelet curtains are famous for their simplicity. They have metal loops at the top of the fabric, which attach to your curtain pole.

Easily hung, they slide onto the curtain pole and take just a little arranging to get the folds sitting exactly how you like. An excellent choice for those that want a quick and fuss-free solution.

Main qualities of eyelet curtains

  • An eyelet heading gives a contemporary look with large, even folds.
  • With an eyelet finish, the folds stack neatly.
  • Suitable for hanging on curtain poles (not suitable for tracks).
  • The easiest type of curtain to hang and take down.
  • They can be made to your exact measurements.

What styles and rooms are best for eyelet curtains?

If you love the modern look as much as we do, these are the curtains for you.

Master the art of understated with a plain neutral fabric. The texture will bring depth, while the clean lines keep in with more minimal and contemporary interior tastes.

Alternatively, choose a pattern or bold colour if you want to add punch to your modern space, along with some well-considered accessories to balance your colour scheme.

Eyelet curtains are excellent for many rooms in any modern home, but our customers often choose them for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Are there different colours of eyelet headings?

Yes, with us, you have the choice of Brass, Antique Brass, Nickel and Satin Nickel for the eyelets themselves. Regarding the fabric for your eyelet curtains, we have hundreds of designs, patterns and textures to choose from.

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We hope this article has helped your understanding of what eyelet curtains are. If you're interested in new eyelet curtains for your home, we've created a beautiful range of quality fabrics and styles to suit any home and budget, from on-trend faux velvets to understated cotton textured fabrics.

No more waiting weeks on end for expensive made-to-measure curtains. With us, the process is swift and easy. You can also order free samples to try before you buy.

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