Electric Roller Blinds

Transform your home with the introduction of our Smart Electric Roller Blinds.Fitted with rechargeable, battery powered motors by market leader, Cruze. Our Smart Electric Roller Blinds provide a touch of contemporary luxury to your home. Pair your Smart Roller Blinds with a Smart Home Hub and enable blind operation through your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Smart blinds are ideal for hard to reach windows. Chain free, they are inherently child safe, the perfect upgrade for families. Cruze motors come with a 5 year warranty for added peace of mind. Discover our range today.


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What are Electric Roller Blinds?

Electric Roller blinds are one of the most versatile blind types. The fabric roll of a blind covers a window giving you good privacy and light exclusion, plus you get a convenient way of operating. There are plenty of colours and designs as well as a variety of fabric features to choose from.

All our blinds are Made to Measure, click here for a handy measuring and fitting guide for your window. We’re always a call away in case you’re having trouble too.

Why Choose Electric Roller Blinds?

Electric roller blinds are easily operated using an electric remote control or Smart Hub solution which allows you to operate your blinds using your smartphone or smart home assistant. It is perfect for big or hard to reach windows. Electric roller blinds do not have any hanging cords or chains, which makes them totally child and pet safe.

And lastly, thanks to no chain or cords, they offer a very clean and minimal look, which is perfect for modern and contemporary interiors.

Made To Measure Electric Roller Blinds

Our electric roller blinds are made to fit your specific measurements, so whether you have a wide, narrow, or long window, we will make a blind that will fit perfectly.

We use only high-quality fabrics and components, that’s why we offer a 5-year guarantee on all our Electric roller blinds, plus you can get a SizeSure cover and protect your measurements for peace of mind.

Different Electric Roller Blind Fabric Options

When it comes to fabric options – there are plenty of options to choose from.

Blackout: Blackout Electric Roller blinds are the best choice for bedrooms, bathrooms or nurseries. The blackout fabric blocks out the light, providing you with increased privacy and light control. Plus, thanks to our wide range of blackout children’s room blind designs, it is so easy to brighten up a living space of your little ones.

PVC Vinyl WaterproofIf you need a blind for a room with moist conditions, including bathroom, kitchen, utility room or playroom, PVC Vinyl Waterproof blinds are a great choice. Not only they will give you a convenient way of operating but also, they are extremely easy to keep clean and dry. So, whether you get your blinds splashed with water or your windows are likely to get mouldy over the time, simply wipe them with a clean damp cloth to keep them nice and clean. They are also great for playrooms and nurseries where sticky fingers might easily get to them.
Moisture Resistant: If you need an electric roller blind for bathroom, kitchen or a utility room, opt in for moisture-resistant fabric. Moisture resistant fabric won’t soak in any water, so you don’t have to worry if your fabric gets splashed with water, as it won’t damage it. It also makes it very easy to keep it clean, simply use a clean, damp cloth or a sponger to wipe off any dirt or dust. Very useful for a home with kids or pets.

Flame Retardant: Flame retardant electric roller blinds are useful for rooms where you might have an open flame, including kitchens or if you love having candles around your house. The flame retardant fabric helps to stop the spread of the fire, giving you that extra safety.

Solar Control: Solar control electric roller blinds are a practical choice all year round. The specially treated fabric will help to retain heat inside your home during the cold season and will reflect solar heat in summer, stopping your room from getting too hot.

Light Filtering: If you’re not bothered about blocking out the light, light filtering blinds will be a great choice. Light filtering fabric range tends to be cheaper than blackout fabrics. They are great for living rooms, hallways or windows that face a backyard or a garden. You can also combine this with curtains for more flexible light and temperature control.

Thermal Energy SavingAs the name suggests, thermal energy saving blind fabric helps you to lock the heat inside the room and keep it nice and warm. This is especially great during the cold season as they will retain heat in the evenings and early mornings whilst your blinds are still closed.
PollergenTreated Fabrics: If you or anyone in your home is suffering from hayfever, select our Pollergen Treated fabrics. Thanks to their innovative treatment, Pollergen Electric roller blinds stop pollen from entering your home, helping you to reduce the symptoms. Learn more about our Pollergen fabric here.

Voiles, Sheers & Screens: Beautiful voile, net-like fabric allows light to filter through your window whilst giving you a minimal level of privacy. You can keep them closed and still get the advantage of daylight whilst not fully exposing your windows. Voile fabric very often is used for rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light and are not exposed to by-passers.

How to measure and fit Electric Roller Blinds

How to measure electric roller blinds?

When it comes to electric roller blinds, there are three different measurements we can take to produce your blind: recess, exact or cloth. We have a handy measuring guide to help you measure your blinds before ordering.

Fitting electric roller blinds?

Fitting electric roller blinds is very easy. Our blinds come with a universal fixing bracket, meaning they can be fixed from the top or face fixed. Plus, we include our handy fitting guide with each order as well as have a digital copy and YouTube video to make it easy for you when you are fitting your electric roller blind.

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