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Precise: Designed with an adjustable head, allowing you to effortlessly reach every nook and cranny.
Flexible: The flexible head adapts to various blind angles, ensuring thorough dust and dirt removal.
Extendable: The extendible handle of our microfibre duster quickly reaches high and low spaces.
Advanced Microfibre Technology: Attracts and traps dust, allergens, and particles effectively. This ensures no scratches or residue, making it suitable for various blind materials.
From Your Price £9.99
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Features & Benefits

Hassle-free cleaning with pinpoint accuracy, making your blinds shine like new again.
Adjustable reach for comprehensive cleaning throughout your living space.
Achieve remarkable results in less time, and effort, and enjoy a fresher atmosphere in your home.
Designed for precision, convenience, and unmatched cleanliness.

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Accessory for blinds
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